4 Amazing Benefits of Propane

4 Amazing Benefits of Propane

At Haffner’s, we are frequently asked about the benefits of propane. Because there’s so much to learn when it comes to energy, we have pulled together this guide that covers the many things there is to love about this efficient and versatile fuel source. 

This colorless, odorless gas is a type of fuel that has a wide range of uses including cooking, transportation, heating, powering appliances, and more. Propane is a hydrocarbon, which, if you don’t remember from chemistry class, means that it is composed of hydrogen and carbon atoms. While it’s naturally a gas, it’s compressed into liquid form for storage and transportation to homes and businesses like yours. Here are a few reasons why we think propane could be a great fuel option for you.


Propane is More Environmentally-Friendly

In general, propane is considered to be a relatively safe fuel for the environment. It’s important to remember that it is a fossil fuel which means that it has some impact on the environment when used, but it is a greener option when compared to some of its competitors.

Because of the fact that it is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than many other fossil fuels, it has become a popular option for families and businesses.

When burned, it has a lower greenhouse gas emission profile and produces only carbon dioxide and water vapor into the air. It does not release particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen oxide, which are all harmful pollutants present in other fossil fuels that contribute to global warming and climate change.

It is also biodegradable which means it doesn’t compile in the environment or alter ecosystems over time. It’s non-toxic to humans and animals and also does not contaminate soil or water like other fuels do. Though it is not as environmentally-friendly and clean as solar panels or wind turbines, it is a safer choice when compared to coal or natural gas.

Furthermore, propane is also a type of fuel that burns cleanly. By this we mean that, in addition to producing fewer emissions, there is a decreased need to clean appliances over time as the fuel source creates little byproduct as it burns.


It’s a Reliable Fuel Choice for Emergency Situations

Because it is delivered to homes and businesses prior to its need of use and remains stored in tanks, it’s a reliable fuel source, especially in areas where natural gas and electricity may not be available or coverage tends to be spotty. As long as you remember to get your routine propane delivery from Haffner’s, you can rest assured that it’ll always be available for use whenever you need it.

Another benefit of liquified petroleum gas is that it’s a completely safe fuel source when stored correctly. It has approximately a 2% to 10% range of flammability and requires a specific concentration in air to ignite. Together, this means that the chance it ignites accidentally is very slim. Propane tanks also help the situation as they are designed to release pressure if an overfill or overheating incident occurs which in turn prevents explosions.


Produced Domestically and Cost-Effective 

Another great thing about propane is that the vast majority of it (think as high as 90%!) is produced in the United States. Because there’s limited expenses when it comes to transporting, propane is often less expensive when compared to electricity and heating oil. 

It is also cost-effective because it has a high energy density making it a highly efficient source of energy. A small amount of fuel is able to produce a great deal of heat or energy in a limited amount of time. For example, electricity takes some time to heat up and propane does not—in this case, time really is money. 

Propane is More Convenient and Versatile Than Other Fuel Options

Propane is convenient in and out of your home or business. It can be easily stored in tanks and transported which makes it a great energy source to use in remote areas (think on camping trips or outdoor grilling!). It also has a wide range of uses such as heating homes, businesses, pools, outdoor fireplaces, grills, stoves, generators, hot tubs, tiki torches, and more. It can also be used to fuel vehicles and power appliances among other things.

Get Propane Delivered From Haffner’s

Propane delivery from Haffner’s is as easy as filling out our online form. Once the form is submitted, a Haffner’s representative will give you a call to schedule a convenient time to perform an on-site survey of your needs. Deliveries take place on the next scheduled business day for your area. 

With our automatic payments and automatic delivery capabilities, there’s no need to worry about refills as runouts are eliminated and the tank is kept full enough to avoid buildup from the bottom of the tank to enter your heating system. Our automatic fuel delivery system uses your average fuel consumption and forecasted temperatures to tell us exactly when you need a delivery. Haffner’s is here to help when it comes to any and all propane needs!