Our Complete Guide to Heating Oil

Our Complete Guide to Heating Oil

Heating oil plays a crucial role in the world of heating, especially in the Northeast! A refined petroleum product primarily used for residential and commercial properties, this type of heating oil is valued for its efficiency and reliability.


Because of this, we have built a comprehensive guide to heating oil, covering all aspects from its benefits, types, purchasing considerations, usage, maintenance, and eco-friendliness. All that’s left to do is choose Haffner’s when it comes to heating oil!


What is Heating Oil?

Heating oil is an essential energy source in many parts of the world, providing reliable and efficient heating solutions. Also known as fuel oil, this type of refined petroleum product is primarily used for heating residential and commercial buildings as it is a valuable energy source in regions with cold winters. It does a superior job at reliably and efficiently providing and maintaining indoor warmth. 


In terms of composition, heating oil is derived from crude oil through a refining process. It is a hydrocarbon-based fuel, mostly consisting of long-chain hydrocarbons such as alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics. The specific composition may vary depending on the grade or type of heating oil, but typically it is a liquid at room temperature, and is less dense than diesel fuel but more viscous than gasoline.


As we have noted previously (and as the name suggests!), the primary purpose of heating oil is to generate heat. It is commonly used in heating systems, such as furnaces and boilers, to produce warm air or hot water, which is then distributed throughout buildings to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. 


The use of oil-based heating can be traced back to the 19th century when kerosene lamps were used for lighting and heating. These lamps evolved into more sophisticated heating systems as the petroleum industry expanded into the 20th century. Around this time, there was a widespread adoption of oil-fired furnaces and boilers, especially in regions like ours with harsh winters. These systems provided a more convenient and efficient alternative to traditional solid fuels like wood or coal. 


Over time, heating oil systems have become more energy-efficient, with advancements in burner technology and the introduction of higher-quality heating oil grades. These improvements have reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of environmental concerns and a push for cleaner energy sources as a way to reduce carbon emissions. 


Benefits of Using Heating Oil vs Other Heating Methods

Heating oil efficiently delivers consistent warmth at a lower cost than electric heating. It provides reliability, with quick heating responses and long lifespans. With the help of Haffner’s, you’re able to install your heating system in various settings, whereas other systems don’t have this breadth of flexibility. 


But that’s not all: Heating oil systems, when properly maintained, also have a reduced environmental impact, producing fewer emissions when compared to other heating methods. While the transition to cleaner energy sources is ongoing, heating oil continues to be a valuable, dependable, and economical option. There are a variety of home heating oil options—let us help you determine which is best for your home.  


Purchasing Heating Oil: Delivery Straight to Your Driveway

With Haffner’s, ordering heating oil is easy. To place your order, contact us or call 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257). Our Automatic Fuel Delivery uses your average fuel consumption and forecasted temperatures to tell us exactly when you need a delivery. This ensures that run outs are eliminated, and the tank is kept full enough to avoid buildup from the bottom of the tank to enter your heating system. This plan also eliminates the cost of filling the entire tank at one time, which levels out your fuel expenses. 


Payment is also seamless for our Automatic Fuel Delivery customers as we keep a debit or credit card on file. And, for those who prefer to call when fuel is needed, keeping a debit or credit card on file means you also don’t have to remember to leave cash or a check for the driver.


Here, reliable and timely deliveries, low prices, and friendly service is the norm. To make your life even easier, we also offer a seasonal Pre-Buy Plan as well as a Market Flex Budget Plan. When it comes to reliable heating oil suppliers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, the only answer is Haffner’s. 


Using Heating Oil Efficiently

Small changes can have a big impact on improving your energy efficiency. The extra bonus? You’ll save money, too.


  • Have your heating system regularly inspected, cleaned, and tested for efficiency and proper operation by Haffner’s.
  • Did you know you can cut your annual heating bills by as much as 10% a year by turning your thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours per day? Invest in a thermostat timer that lowers your home’s temperature when you are not at home.
  • Protect against drafts by caulking and weather-stripping around windows, doors, and other openings such as ductwork, fans and vents.
  • Change or clean furnace filters monthly. Clean filters will increase the efficiency of your furnace. If you are on a monthly payment plan, use the receipt of your bill as a reminder.
  • Replacing a heating system or water heater? Buy the most efficient model available. Energy savings over the life of the equipment will easily justify the higher initial cost.
  • Check your chimney and appliance vent systems at least once a year to ensure that all connections are secure.
  • Keep vents and air returns clear of obstructions such as furniture, lint, dust, or pet hair.
  • Visually inspect your oil tank for leaks.


Heating Oil Maintenance & Servicing

Maintaining your heating oil system, including tanks and burners, is crucial for longevity and safety. Regular inspections by certified technicians at Haffner’s help identify potential issues early, preventing costly repairs and ensuring safe operation. 


Our tank maintenance analysis involves checking for corrosion, leaks, and proper ventilation, while burners require cleaning, calibration, and replacement of worn parts. Haffner’s oil burner maintenance and repair services not only ensure reliable heating but enhances safety, minimizing the risk of leaks or malfunctions that could lead to accidents and environmental hazards. 


Eco-Friendliness of Heating Oil

Due to the use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil, today’s oil-burning systems produce fewer emissions and greenhouse gasses than ever before. High-efficiency oil furnaces and boilers maximize heat extraction from fuel, further lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions. While heating oil is a fossil fuel, these innovations demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, making it a more sustainable heating option.


Safety Precautions

At Haffner’s, we are dedicated to keeping our customers and our staff safe at all times. In fact, it is our top priority. We know that the key to safe behaviors is education—and our safety guide is a great place to start. The more you know, the safer you and your family will be around heating oil. 


For any and all oil leaks, please contact Haffner’s at 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257). We will immediately send out a service technician to address the spill, and report it to your states’ department of environmental services if it falls within the requirements. Please also call your local fire department, if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Haffner’s do same day delivery? 

  • Your order will be delivered the same day if your order is received before 5:00 AM on that day. If after 5:00 AM, it will be scheduled for delivery on the next business day (excluding Sundays, Holidays, and Saturdays in the Summer months).

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Choose Haffner’s For Heating Oil

Not only is it a reliable heat source, heating oil is also known to be a consistent source of warmth even during power outages. The systems are highly efficient as they use advanced technology that minimizes fuel consumption and reduces greenhouse gas emissions (while saving you money!). Heating oil is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative way to warm your house and keep your family comfortable. Convinced yet? We would be, too.


With Haffner’s, you can rely on expert technicians to keep the heating system in your home functioning throughout the winter. With pre-buy plans and a user-friendly app that allows you to manage deliveries and orders with ease, our commitment to your comfort is clear.


Order your heating oil from Haffners by contacting us or calling 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257) today.