How Often Should You Wash Your Car?: Haffner’s Car Wash Guide

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?: Haffner’s Car Wash Guide

Proper car maintenance on a regular basis is not only essential when it comes to keeping your car working correctly, but also to ensure you remain safe while driving it.

Regular maintenance allows you to rest assured that your car is in good working condition, helping you to avoid breakdowns, accidents, costly repairs, and permanent damage. In addition, it also helps to extend the lifespan of your car, allowing you to save money as you get more mileage out of your vehicle.

As with any machine, regular maintenance and proper upkeep also allows your car to maintain its value, potentially leading to a higher resale price should you choose to sell your car in the future.  

Wondering what’s an easy first step to proper car upkeep? Giving your car a little hygiene boost. Washing your car is an important aspect of car maintenance, so here is everything you need to know when it comes to bathing your trusty vehicle.


Haffner's CarWash Image Why should you wash your car regularly?

Car washing provides a plethora of benefits for both the appearance and longevity of your vehicle. 

  • Paint Protection

    Washing your car regularly helps to remove dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, dead bugs, road salt, and debris from your car’s exterior, which can damage your car over time. A general rule is by keeping your car clean, you can help to protect the paint and maintain its shine and color while also preventing rust—which is what can happen if your car is left unwashed for long periods of time.

  • Safety

    A clean car is a safer car. A dirty windshield and windows can make it difficult to see while driving, especially when visibility is already limited like in bright sunlight or at night. By getting a regular washing, your windows remain clean and clear, improving visibility and making it safer to drive. This maintenance also keeps your car’s machinery operating properly so that you are safer as you drive it. If you’re noticing grime build up on your windshield (or anywhere else!), it’s probably time to get your car washed!

  • More Valuable

    When it comes to value, keeping your vehicle clean will not only improve how it looks, but it can help preserve the value of your car. Everyone knows that to have nice things, you must take care of them. Dirt, dust, and debris can cause scratches and damage to your car’s exterior over time, so by keeping your car clean, you are reducing the risk of this type of damage which keeps your car looking nicer for longer.

By choosing an eco-friendly car wash, you’re also able to help conserve water, reduce chemical pollution, and save energy as these washes recycle water, utilize biodegradable and plant-based car wash soap, and use energy-efficient technology like LED lighting and low-energy motors. There are no downsides there! 

Where is the best place to wash your car?

There are two options when it comes to the best place to wash your car: at home or at a car wash. Pouring dish soap and warm water into a bucket at home and taking a brush to your car may seem like an easy enough option as it is cost-effective, produces a more personalized cleaning job, and allows you have control over the cleaning process, but once you realize that it is time-consuming, wasteful, and may cause potential environmental hazards, you may decide it’s best to leave the car washing to the professionals. Taking your car to a car wash like Haffner’s is convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and kinder to your car as the correct equipment and tactics are used in the process of getting your car squeaky clean.

Family owned and operated, Haffner’s Car Wash offers great service with every wash. Our tunnels are manned by trained attendants that will guide you onto the conveyor, prep your vehicle, and send you on your way to a superior clean. 

Choose from options like ‘The Works’ which includes a foam bath and lava foam conditioner followed by a hot wax and shine, tire and rim scrubs, a clear coat protectant, and more. Or opt for the ‘Haffner’s Special’ featuring a triple foam bath, a rim and undercarriage scrub, and vision clear coat protectant to finish. ‘Wheel and Shine,’ ‘Basic Wash,’ and a la carte options like ceramic sealant, hot wax application, and tire shines are also available. Take a look at our Car Wash Club Packages for monthly savings on regular car washes!

How often should you wash your car’s paint job?

The frequency in which you should wash your car depends on several things, such as how dirty your car gets, where you live, how much you drive, and more. Generally, you should wash your car every two weeks. 

That being said, the climate in which you live plays a major role in determining this frequency. For example, if you live in a climate that has an abundance of dirt, dust, pollen, animal droppings, or salt on the roads during winter months, you may need to wash your car more frequently as these materials can cause damage to your car’s outer wax and paint (and even rust the undercarriage!) if left unwashed. 

Regular washing helps protect your car’s finish from UV rays, acid rain, and more. Often you can take a look at your car and gauge the degree in which it needs a cleaning. Modern car washes like Haffner’s use newer technology, such as soft foam brushes, high-pressure water, and detergents to clean the exterior of your car, removing the dirt and grime without harming the protective outer layer of your car. 

Are car washes bad for your car?

Nope! Car washes are actually vital to keeping your car up and running smoothly. Think of all the leaves, dirt, and dust that swirls around in the air as you speed down the highway. There’s no way you want all of that caked onto your vehicle for years. The best way to combat this issue and keep your car in tip top shape is regularly washing your vehicle. Like we mentioned above, there are several different types of car washes, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

An automated brush wash is a type of automatic car wash that uses spinning brushes to clean your car. It’s a highly effective method of removing dirt and grime from your car’s surface. At Haffner’s, we recommend an automated wash for its convenience and quality, ensuring you drive away with the cleanest car possible! 

A hand wash is a basic car wash when you wash your car by hand using a sponge or mitt and a bucket of soapy water. Though this method of washing may be the most detail-oriented and comprehensive, hand washing is also time-consuming and may not be as effective at removing stubborn dirt and grime. You also may find that you don’t want to spend the money to buy multiple different types of brushes, finishing oils, and soaps required for a comprehensive job.


A touchless wash uses high-pressure water and soap to clean your car without any brushes or physical contact. This method is highly effective at removing dirt, sometimes overly so, as it can sometimes remove some of your car’s loose paint as well.

A self-service wash is when you w ash your car yourself using a spray gun and soapy water at a car wash facility. This can be a cost-effective option, but it can also be time-consuming and may not be as effective as a professional wash as you’re using less materials and lack the professional knowledge regarding how to properly clean your car.

Visit a Haffner’s Car Wash

When it comes to washing your car, it’s recommended you get a professional scrubbing about every two weeks. At Haffner’s, we are committed to providing you with the most competitive pricing and the best possible service. Join the Haffner’s family—visit one of our many gas stations for an eco-friendly car wash that will help protect the environment as well as your car’s appearance and value.