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Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!

It pays to refer your friends … and family, and neighbors, and colleagues …

With our new Propane Referral Program*, you can receive an unlimited number of account credits each time you successfully refer a new Haffner’s propane customer.

And, you don’t have to be a Propane customer to participate! Both current Haffner’s Heating Oil and Propane customers qualify for this program so long as the customer you refer signs up for Propane.

  • Get $100 for any commercial referral
  • Get $50 for any whole house heat referral
  • And $25 for any water heat or space heat referral

Here’s How It Works:

Part One:

The first half of this process is easy–suggest Haffner’s to someone you know who is looking for a propane provider for their home or business.

Need some talking points? Make sure to mention some of the great benefits we offer, like:

  • Auto-Pay and Auto-Delivery
  • Contactless Delivery
  • Service
  • Budget Plans and Pre-Buy Plans
  • And, more!

Once you’ve got them interested, all that’s left to do is double-check that they understand what they need to do next.


Part Two:

When the person you refer signs up as a new propane customer online or calls to make a new account with us, they can simply give your name to our team as their referrer.

This is a team effort, and we want to ensure that credit is given where credit is due. To make sure no good deed goes unnoticed, our business support team will ask each new propane customer if they were referred in case they forgot to mention it earlier.

Once the customer you referred has signed on with Haffner’s and has had their new propane tank set on their property, the respective credit will be added to your account.

That’s it–nice and simple.


Get started today and earn rewards that truly Kick!

Questions? Call 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257) and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

*Program can be changed or discontinued at any time.