Heating Oil Delivery in Lawrence, MA

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Heating Oil Delivery in Lawrence, MA

Do you live in Lawrence, MA and need heating oil? Good news! Haffner’s delivers right to your door. Below we have pulled together the basics of heating oil and everything you need to know when it comes to ordering high quality oil through Haffner’s.


What is residential heating oil?

First thing’s first—let’s start with the basics. Here’s a crash course on residential heating oil in case you need a refresher. If not, feel free to skip down the page to learn more about Haffner’s heating oil ordering and delivery.

When you think about it, it’s all in the name. Also known as home heating oil or fuel oil, residential heating oil is a type of fuel specifically designed for use in residential heating systems in homes, apartments, and other residential buildings. It’s typically a blend of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons and is similar to diesel fuel. The main difference is that it’s specifically formulated for use in heating systems rather than automobiles.

When it comes to storage, residential heating oil is kept in a tank located on the property of the homeowner or in a designated storage area. You can find this tank underground, aboveground, or in a basement. Both the location and the tank capacity depend on the layout and needs of the household. From this tank, the heating oil is burned in a furnace or boiler to produce heat that is then distributed throughout the building via a central heating system. Think radiators, baseboard heaters, or forced-air systems. By nature, these systems are designed to be efficient, providing consistent heat while minimizing fuel consumption.

Heating oil is usually delivered to the residential customer by a fuel delivery company, which is where Haffner’s comes in! We monitor the fuel levels and schedule regular deliveries based on your household’s usage and needs. We also have automatic delivery plans available, which is when we track fuel levels and ensure timely refills so you don’t have to worry or stress about an empty tank and a potential lack of heat.


What are the benefits of heating oil?

Now that you have a feel for the heating oil basics, here are some of the top benefits of heating oil. Because heating oil has a naturally high energy density, it’s able to produce a significant amount of heat per unit of fuel making it one of the most efficient fuels for heating systems. This quality lends itself to quick and effective heating of a space such as your home. This also means that heating oil is quite cost-effective, especially when you choose Haffner’s.

When it comes to environmental impact and safety, modern heating oil is formulated to be more environmentally-friendly and non-explosive so it’s a cleaner and safer heating option when compared to traditional heating oil. Even in the rare event of a leak, it’s easy to detect because of its distinct odor.

Above all, heating oil is a great choice because it is known to be highly reliable. These systems provide a consistent and uninterrupted heat source, no matter the weather. And when you’re enrolled in a Haffner’s automatic delivery plan, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of fuel. Can you imagine anything worse than no heat during a heavy midwinter storm? Talk about an uncomfortable and even dangerous situation.


How do I order heating oil in Lawrence, MA?

Haffner’s makes ordering heating oil as easy as possible. If you’re a new customer, you simply fill out this customer status form and check the ‘new customer’ box. Returning customers are able to log into their account through the Haffner’s app or online customer portal. This is where you can manage all home heating oil orders, review past deliveries, pay your bill, and more.

You can also sign up for auto-pay and auto-delivery to reduce worry and control expenses through the app or online member portal. Automatic fuel delivery uses your average fuel consumption and forecasted temperatures to tell us exactly when you need a delivery. With automatic fuel delivery, runouts are avoided, and the tank is kept full enough to avoid buildup from the bottom of the tank to enter your heating system. This plan also allows you to eliminate the cost of filling the entire tank at one time which helps level out your fuel expenses. Learn more about automatic heating oil delivery here.


Questions? We can help! Call us at 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257) and press option 1 to speak with a member of our team.


Does Haffner’s deliver high quality heating oil in Lawrence, MA?

Absolutely. Haffner’s delivers the highest quality oil in the area.


What is Haffner’s heating oil delivery process?

Haffner’s delivery process is as easy as it comes. Though delivery details vary depending on certain nuances, our delivery one-pager outlines that process and what you should expect.
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Where else besides Lawrence, MA does Haffner’s deliver heating oil?

Haffner’s serves the Merrimack Valley, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine communities.


Why Haffner’s?

In short, we love our community. Philanthropy is at the heart of our organization. We believe in giving back to help our communities grow and flourish. At Haffner’s, we take enormous pride in delivering the highest quality fuel paired with the best quality service. Here, you’re not seen as a customer—you’re part of our family. And, to us, family is everything. For nearly 100 years, we have been warming and cooling homes and businesses and fueling and cleaning vehicles. Our team has worked long and hard to ensure we have the most trained and trusted experts around.


Ready to order heating oil in Lawrence, MA?

At Haffner’s, we are committed to providing you with the most competitive pricing and the best possible service when it comes to heating oil orders. Join the Haffner’s family—call 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257) or fill out our online order form to set up service with us today!