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When it comes to boiler service, repair, maintenance, or installation, Haffner’s has you covered. For nearly 100 years, Haffner’s has been warming and cooling homes and businesses as well as fueling and cleaning vehicles. Our team of experts is not only highly trained and trusted but also extremely passionate about the industry and our customers. 

“Thank you for the installation of our new boiler and hot water heater. I also wanted to compliment your installation team for doing a great job. From the moment they arrived they were working very diligently. They were polite, cordial and very informative.”

– Mark and Dianne

Professional Boiler Service, Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

A boiler breakdown can cause stress, inconvenience, and discomfort. At Haffner’s, we work to avoid these issues, and we are here to help when problems happen. From boiler servicing to installation, we are knowledgeable, trained, and willing to solve any problems as seamlessly as possible. 

  1. Service: Our professional boiler service includes an inspection of the boiler system to ensure it is functioning properly. In addition to performing routine maintenance tasks, our technicians will check for leaks, inspect the flue, and check the boiler’s pressure. We recommend you opt for routine service inspections as these can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of your boiler, saving you money, time, and stress.
  2. Repair: If your boiler is not functioning correctly, our professional technicians diagnose and repair the problem. Common boiler repairs may include fixing leaks, troubleshooting electrical issues, replacing damaged parts, and more. Depending on the age and type of your boiler, some of these issues may be more serious than others.
  3. Maintenance: Regular boiler maintenance is essential to keep your system running efficiently and safely. Our professional boiler maintenance includes tasks such as cleaning the boiler, flushing the system, and checking the fuel lines.
  4. Installation: Our professional boiler installation involves removing the old boiler, if necessary, and installing a new one. Our technicians assess your home’s heating needs and recommend a suitable replacement boiler. They will then install the new boiler and ensure it works correctly.

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At Haffner’s, we are committed to providing you with the most competitive pricing and the best possible service. Join the Haffner’s family—contact us today to see how we can help simplify your life! Call 866-It-Kicks (866-485-4257) to chat with an industry expert.

Boiler Experts Serving Southern NH, Massachusetts, & Maine

Our experts at Haffner’s have generations of experience with all brands and types of boilers. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your boiler, and we will keep you informed during each step of the service process. We are currently serving the following areas: 

  • Merrimack Valley
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Southern Maine